Beach Volleyball Tips

Beach Volleyball Tips

If you’re not the type to lay on your towel all day at the beach, then you might be interested in taking up beach volleyball. Beach volleyball is a great sport to get fit, have fun and enjoy the ocean air in the company of friends.

Beach Volleyball for Beginners

Watch out though, although sand is quite forgiving on your joints it tires you out very quickly, you won’t be able to jump as high as you would on a hard court, but just keep at it and you’ll be fitter and better in no time at all. Beach volleyball is played barefoot, so if the sand gets a little hot between your toes you might have to dig down a little to find some cooler stuff. Make sure that you drink plenty of water so as not to risk dehydration.

Beach Volleyball Players Tips

Right, let’s imagine that you’ve started to play beach volleyball, you’re getting the hang of it pretty well, in fact, you think you doing okay!! Now that you’ve got used to jumping around on soft sand without it burning the soles of your feet and you don’t instinctively cower every time the ball comes your way (it’s not heavy is it, it won’t hurt you even if it hits so stand up you coward), maybe it’s time to look at ways to make your play even more effective.

  • It’s called a volleyball net, not a volleyball wall, so don’t forget that you can see through it and often be able to predict your opponents play before the ball comes winging in at you.
  • Keep your eyes open when you’re blocking the ball. I know, it sounds silly, but it can be one of those involuntary reactions which you need to work on. Keep your eyes open all of the time.
  • If you’re in bother, hit it high. This will give you and your team-mate more time to get their act together, every second counts in beach volleyball, so send it skyward!
  • Study your opponents beforehand. If you can, watch them in warm ups and see their strengths. Let’s face it, if a player doesn’t ever hit line during the warm ups, they’re not likely to in the game so concentrate on taking the angle shot – that should fox them.
  • You won’t be able to jump as high on the sand, but you will find that taking shorter strides allows you a lot more spring. Keep them short and springy for maximum effect.
  • Remember the three R’s when you are in the defense position. Get down and get ready, read your opponents body language and react to it. You should know where they’re going to hit it before they do!
  • Dive dive dive, remember, you’ve got a nice soft landing so don’t be a chicken, you must be fearless and sacrifice your own safety for the good of the game! Mind you, remember it’s no use diving on a ball that’s already on the floor, that’s called showing off.
  • Spin serving is a great way to send your opponents off in the wrong direction. If you hit the ball slightly off center it will spin in that direction. It’s something you need to practice a lot first though, otherwise you’ll just keep serving the ball out and end up pretty unpopular.
  • Save yourself. Remember that you get just the same points for tipping a ball over the net, you really don’t need to bang everything down, save your strength for when it’s really needed. Wham bam!

Now that we’ve covered some of the basics, let’s have a look at how it should be done. OK, it’s not beach volleyball but it works pretty much the same and you might pick up a few valuable tips.

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